Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Value Study I - Penobscot Bay

I have been reading Bob Rohm's "The Painterly Approach" (available on I was taken with his description of Carlson's proposal that four values are sufficient to interpret a landscape. I spent a little time going through photos, looking for appropriate scenes to try this with. This is my first attempt, in gouache. Looks like I have five values here, so I didn't quite make it, but it was an interesting challenge. I used the color photo as a reference and then when I was done compared it with the photo made grayscale in Photoshop. Not bad.


  1. Wow, Bobbi, great concept and then to compare what you've done with the photoshop grayscale version... genius!

  2. Hi Bobbi -
    I like these studies a lot and its a really good exercise. I'm always needing reminders to do this kind of thing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks, JanettMarie,

    I enjoyed your version of the gray scale experiment too.


    I get such great ideas from your blog. It is nice to be able to reciprocate.