Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Far Shore - Colin Page Class Day 2

It was miserably hot in Round Pond on Sunday, but we painted anyway, everyone saying "I wouldn't be out here if we weren't painting with Colin." Talk about a bunch of hot and sweaty people! Once again we painted looking into the sun, simplifying the view across the harbor. There we houses over there, but we left them out. Colin said we all had the concept of values down pretty well, and we needed to concentrate on color temperature. Pretty funny on a day when temperature was the overriding factor. This is my study (6"x8"), scanned this time. The camera just couldn't capture this one.

And let me give just a tiny testimonial to Colin and his two day workshop, now that I have taken it twice. Colin did a demo each morning, and then coached us individually as we painted. He also gave us pointers as a group a couple of times a day and we did a group critique at the end of each day. It was an exceptionally good class. I'll say it again, Colin can see things that I can't yet see. But I think with practice I can get closer to his vision. And though I doubt that you will find such an awesome group as my fellow members of this workshop (they were a friendly talented bunch), I know you would all learn something from Colin. Take a workshop from him if you get a chance. For those who like more structure, he will be teaching a 5 day class in the fall in Rockland that should give you that.


  1. Nice! I like the hazy quality.

  2. I envy you that you were painting with "the" Colin Page. I admire him. You are right that it is all about the practice and you start seeing things that you couldn't earlier.

  3. Thanks so much for the great testimonial. I'm really gald you found the workshop so valuable, and I hope I run into you again soon. Good luck painting!!!

  4. Colin is an awesome painter. Very observant and able to translate the temperatures and values. I would love to paint with him again.
    Good on Ya painting in the 95 degree heat. I have been holed up in my A/C painting dailies. It's a great life.