Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Marsh Fog" - NFS

Yesterday was beautiful, but today we were back in the fog. And that presented an opportunity. As the painting group drove to Cove Road I thought about how to apply what I learned from last week's value studies to the foggy day. I was thinking no darkest darks, and no lightest lights... The tide was going out, and the fog was supposed to lift so I tried to work fast. Was I right? Not quite. For sure no darkest darks, but there was plenty of light, and I think the water against the far shore was just about pure white. (Marsh Fog is a 5"x7" oil.)

Thanks to my husband for the photo, my camera broke down completely after the photo comparison I posted a week ago on Friday. Do cameras read blogs?

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  1. Nice evocation of the brooding shore on a foggy day, and the water reflecting the whiteness of the fog!

    (I'm catching up by reading your posts backwards today. :o)

    You asked in a later post for recommendations for small cameras costing a few hundred dollars. I adore my Kodak v1253 point-and-shoot. It's very compact, the viewing screen in back is almost as big as the camera, and for such a small camera it takes fabulous pictures.

    Unfortunately Kodak doesn't make the V1253 anymore. But having this one has revolutionized the attitude of this former Nikon-SLR snob. Naturally its abilities are not the same for distance or wide angle as if you really had a big, big telephoto or wide angle lens. But it takes astonishingly great photos for its size, and is knock-out on focusing on closeups, something my Nikon couldn't do because the depth of field wasn't short enough.

    Check out Kodak's latest point and shoots. You'll be amazed at what they can do.