Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lobster Boat - Colin Page class

It was warm but it was wonderful! Our first of two days at Round Pond, painting with Colin Page. Colin did a superb demo of a backlit traditionally styled lobster boat and then we tried to do the same. This is my version (8"x10"). Colin is so good at critiquing, he just sees things the rest of us don't. Makes me want to get out there and paint, can't wait for tomorrow.


  1. Love the colors and the broad brush strokes in the water. The lobster traps though might need a bit more delineation of corners--I might not have known what they are without the title. There's an almost round quality to them. The boat itself is superb, as is the setting.

  2. Well, Kay, funny you should say that. The blue object in the boat wasn't actually a stack of lobster traps. The best we could figure is that it was a stack of the plastic cars that are strung together in a flotilla to hold the captured lobsters until it is time to take them to the co-op. Those are usually brightly colored and might reasonably go with the orange buoys. But to us painters it was just a bright blue shape that felt right in the picture and so did not get edited out.