Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cormorant Sketches and Sunshine Award

Today we visited the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel. This young cormorant was standing on a rock, drying his wings, and seemed to be posing for the cameras, turning this way and that to make sure everyone got a good shot. I tried to be almost as fast as the cameras and capture him in a few strokes. My first effort is at the top and no. 4 at the bottom. I will replace these images with scans later, I didn't get very consistent lighting with the camera/photoshop.

Sally Dean for given my blog the Sunshine Award. Thank you, Sally! I would like to pass it on to these 12 artists:

- Joelle Feldman (a friend and student in my class in January)
- Jill Polsby (who organized the 118/119/120 faces of Karin Jurick)
- Stephanie Berry (who I enjoyed painting with last summer)
- Carol Nelson (whose portrait I painted, and who painted my portrait in the DSFDF Challenge in December)
- Vern Schwarz (whose DSFDF portrait intrigued me)

And these 7 artists whose work I have become aware of through the Daily Painters International Art Gallery, and very much admire:
- Kim Blair
- Elizabeth Blaylock
- Carolee Clark
- Claudia Hammer
- Edward Burton
- Gerald Schwartz
- Charlotte Yealey

Please check out their blogs and leave lots of comments!

And for those who received the award, this is how you pass it on:
- add the picture of the flower to your blog
- make sure the person who gave you the award is on your blog list
- pick 12 people and link them on your blog
- notify those people via a comment on their blog


  1. Thank you for the award, Bobbi, it's greatly appreciated.

  2. Thanks Bobbi so much! It's so nice to be part of your list of artists.

  3. Thank you Bobbi for including me in the Sunshine award. I am flattered and honored to be on your list of artists.
    Florida birds are great fun to watch. I took some pictures of birds myself when I was there in March and they make me smile. Check out Mary Anne Cary's (on DPIAG) pelican pastel painting and pictures of Florida birds. You'll enjoy them!