Monday, March 8, 2010

"Pina Coladas?"

"Pina Coladas"
6"X6" oil on canvas panel

I'm in Sanibel, Florida, which is just awesome after all the cold and snow at home. Here's my first attempt at the local foliage, one of the palm trees out back of our condo, resplendent with coconuts. You have to watch out, these things are falling everywhere! Not sure you can tell that the background is water, I may make an attempt at lightening it, which would be more true to what I was seeing. I think I will have some great sketches at least from this trip, even if I am not able to capture things in paint "in the moment".


  1. Well, you are making us all jealous. Though it has been a balmy 50 degrees up or the last few days, we are still in winter mode.
    I do recognize caribbean blue water in your painting and I like the perspective of the tree. The scene totally speaks Florida! Pina coladas sound awesome. Enjoy!

  2. FUN painting! Enjoy the sunshine, Bobbi! :-)

  3. Oh Bob! Wish I was there. I can feel the warmth and hear the waves and smell the food. Yum! Love this painting. Bright colors and so Floridaish!


  4. Oh, that you'd had the time to meet up with me, but time SO gets away, doesn't it?
    Your pen and inks are so solid. Thanks so much for your comments, which are serious and true.
    I appreciate that from an artist as good as you are :D