Saturday, March 27, 2010

Learning to Paint Shells #2

For lesson #2 of teaching myself to paint shells, my plan was to repeat the previous exercise, but mix in white paint to create the lighter values, rather than use thin paint with white canvas showing through. I drew the shell in the same way as last time, and then starting mixing in white to get some midtones. Because adding white to burnt umber cools it to gray, I had to add burnt sienna to the mix to keep the warm tone. Can you see the few gray strokes I left in? I think I've got the value lesson down and it is time to move on to color. Thanks for your patience!


  1. This looks terrific! The touch of gray works well to break down the white and amber tones. It is wonderful to see the progression of your exercise!

  2. Love the shells Bobbi!! Maybe we could have several of those for the July show??