Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Shell Seekers"

"Shell Seekers"
6"x6" oil on gessoed paper
framed, approximately 10"x10"
available at RiverArts in Damariscotta, ME

I've been on the beach in Sanibel much of today, looking for shells and photographing the people. It reminded me of the first beach people paintings I did, in 2003, inspired by the work of Chip Chadbourne. Chip was a wonderful colorist, and I used his "recipe" for flesh tones for the 6 part series I did at the time. This is one of those paintings, which is available from the Instructors Exhibition at River Arts, in Damarsicotta, ME.


  1. Hi Bobbi,

    It was a pleasure meeting you today on the beaches of Sanibel. I hope you were able to capture a beautiful photo of my girls playing in the sand! What an honor it would be to see one of your paintings with them in it! Looking forward to seeing them on canvas!
    Laura Denk

  2. I love the color in this. How inviting!

  3. Thanks, Annie!

    Laura, it was great to meet you as well and I did get some good shots of your wonderful girls. If you will send me your email address (view my profile to get mine), I will zip them up and send them to you. I think there is material there for a "beach kids" painting.

  4. I have seen this painting many times and I still love it! Everything about it is about summer and family relaxation at the beach. The figure with the hat is right on! How many of us have bent over like that looking for that special beach treasure!