Friday, March 20, 2009

The 5 Minute Orange - Carol Marine Class Day One

What a great workshop! Carol did a demo this morning of orange sections and a knife on a green plate. Check it out on her blog ( when she posts it. After lunch we did value studies in burnt umber. The idea was to, in increasingly shorter periods of time, do studies where the dominant value, secondary value, etc. were identified by the painter and then clearly portrayed. This one took me about half an hour, though it started out as my 15 minute effort, and got some additional work later. I found this difficult at first, and my first 30 minute attempt got wiped.

This one was done in five minutes, as timed by Carol. It is amazing what you can do in 5 minutes when you have a little practice beforehand.


  1. Glad you're having fun with Carol, sis! I can't wait to see the effect this'll have on your Maine paintings when you get home.

  2. Bobbi, these came out great! Wasn't it just wonderful?