Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Sanibel Clouds" (oil) - NFS

It was a scramble getting ready last week, but at last I am in Sanibel Island, FL with my sisters and dear friend Mary. We arrived late Friday night and got ourselves organized yesterday. Since I'm on vacation and have more time, I switched back to oils. I wiped off my first attempt and today was better. I started with a still life which I'll post tomorrow, with a wonderful orange-like fruit called the "honey bell." Apparently this is late in the year to have them, but we are so glad, absolutely the sweetest orange flavor ever. But I rushed taking the photo and can't even Photoshop it into something like the real thing.

Then I did this study of the ocean and clouds from a photo I took yesterday. The water was very dark and dramatic. I think if you look long enough at the ocean you can find every color of green and blue and brown. It was the clouds that got me. And today there were more, but it was all aqua and lightness instead of the dark. I hope I can capture it.

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