Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Different Strokes"

I have spent some time over the last week thinking about the Carol Marine workshop and what I learned and what I maybe should have learned...

While all the aspects of making a good painting were covered, I think an important realization for me is the power of not blending. The apple painting in this post demonstrates this point. We were instructed to paint every stroke with a different color and not blend them together. While it is tempting to make up a big glob of a color and paint away like the picture is the side of a barn, it makes for a much more interesting painting if the color is varied. In the piece above, you may have to stand back from it a ways, but I think the point is made. I am going to practice this some more.


  1. Bobbi,
    I totally agree. I went to Carol's workshop to improve my brushwork for one thing and one can see why hers is such a successful approach. I have been working using the teachings from the class and I think I 'get'it.
    I hope to see you and Suzanne in Maine at some point. We're practically neighbors!

  2. By the way, the apple is a perfect example of what we should be doing. It looks great.

  3. Very nice! Sounds like some powerful lessons learned. I will try this exercise, thanks.