Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Color Slices" - SOLD - Carol Marine Workshop Day Three

This one is from the third day of Carol's class when we were studying color and how to get color combinations that really work. I couldn't resist orange and lemon slices. Do you think the background colors work?


  1. Hey Bobbi - Talk about "knock your socks off" color! Your colors are wonderful and bright. The only thing I might change is to grey down the blue/purple a bit. I'm wanting a tiny bit of relief to rest my eyes on. The orange and lemon slices are bang on in their transparency. I can see the light shining through them. I'll look forward to you subsequent postings.........Suzanne deL

  2. Hi Bobbi-
    This one is a gem! Is it goache or oil? I agree with Suz deL on purple/blue issue but that might be a digital enhancement of your real color. Love the blog!