Monday, March 16, 2009

"Honey Bell" (oil) - NFS and "Green Sea Sanibel" (oil) - SOLD

This is the promised honey bell orange with an avocado. I did this one yesterday, after the wipe out on Saturday. It was good to go back to something familiar, like a still life, to make the transition from gouache to oil. This poor avocado is still waiting to be eaten, but we have muched the honey bell and about a dozen of its best friends as well!

Today I painted AT THE BEACH. I went back and forth on that idea for a while; all that sand, my nice Open Box M paint box and tripod... but is was irresistible. And it turned out to be enormously fun. The ocean was green and the clouds were less dramatic than on the previous days, but there does seem to be a bank of clouds over towards the land side of the island that is pretty much always there. I did another one of the beach, but it needs a little more work tomorrow. It was also fun to chat with the people that stopped by. They are from everywhere.

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