Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Broad Cove Marsh"

I have had another Sunday of framing and long to get back to Sundays of painting! But thanks to my friend Suzanne and my helpful son, Alex, the framed paintings are ready for delivery next weekend to the Gallery at Boothbay Harbor. More than 20 of them are paintings shown on the blog, (now) including this one is from last winter, painted from a photo of the marsh at the head of Broad Cove, which separates Princes Point from the Yarmouth shore (Broad Cove Marsh 6"x6" oil). I remember once coming into the marsh with our old dog Kelly in the boat. The first bird she saw, out of the boat she went, very surprised to find that she was swimming! It was a muddy ride home.


  1. I really like the way you capture the contrast in this landscape between the bright, sunlit areas and the dark, muted areas in shadow. The way the golden marsh grass glows really captures the warmth of that autumn light.

  2. this is fabulous. Glowing. I love the story about Kelly, too.